Caribbean Port Management Workshop necessary, vital

The Caribbean Port Management Workshop greatly expanded regional dialogue and underscored the need for collective action for survival and progress.

This new and unique event was proposed by Portside Caribbean in 2016 and has come to fruition as a highly successful collaboration between this magazine, the Port Management Association of the Caribbean and the Caribbean Maritime University. It attracted the attention, interest and participation of individuals and regional entities within and outside the maritime community. In particular, the discussions on disaster management and preparedness; and the building of a regional quick response disaster relief and assistance network generated broad interest across the Caribbean.

End of the 3rd day amd final day of the Inaugural Caribbean Port Management Workshop, January 2018, Panama.

The official Rapporteurs’ summations and gleanings, courtesy of CMU academic staff, Professor Ibrahim Ajagunna and Dr. Stephen Rhoden; as well as images captured by Jason Jarrett are to be found at SPECIAL REPORT menu.

The discussions at ‘the Workshop’ (January 22 to 24, 2018) in Panama City were wide-ranging and relevant. They covered numerous sub-topics that were of critical importance to port planners as well as operations managers. Best practices, related to both planning and operations, were examined. And experts presented solutions and led discussion about recent trends and continuing developments.

As the hours disappeared and the final day arrived, the consensus reached by the 70+ participants was that the Caribbean Port Management Workshop was timely and necessary. It was felt that, because the peoples of the Caribbean region literally depended on maritime trade (and their local ports) for survival, especially after major disasters, then an annual event specifically for Caribbean ports authority, terminal operators and port users was clearly necessary. Even if airports are functioning, ships remain the workhorse for delivering disaster relief; but, delivering prosperity.

By documenting in this Special Report the highlights of the discussions at the PMAC-sponsored event, the three collaborating entities (Portside Caribbean, Caribbean Maritime University and the Port Management Association of the Caribbean) made a tangible contribution to the expanding body of knowledge about regional port development. The event revealed best practices; and delved into issues and concerns that beset those whose responsibility it is to build and operate sustainable seaports, marinas and marine cargo facilities.

Over time, this body of technical information about regional ports and harbours emanating from the Caribbean Port Management Workshop will become another vital resource for planners and managers across the Caribbean and beyond. []

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Mike Jarrett, Editor-in-chief