Paramaribo: New access system in place

2019, March 1: With the recent implementation of the Access Permit (AP) system, the Suriname Port Management Company (SPMC) has taken another step towards its goal of transforming the port at Paramaribo into an effective and dependable link in the global supply chain. To this end the company has been adopting and implementing the latest international standards and operational best practices.

“As we are living in a digital world, implementing new strategies and tools to excel in competitiveness is inevitable. Therefore, it is very important for our operations to replace manual documents with digital documents,” said SPMC CEO, Andreas Talea.

Andreas Talea

In 2014 the port launched project Upgrading Port IT Infrastructure to do exactly what the name implied. This project is being implemented in phases and the adoption of the AP system is a significant step in the process.

The first phase of implementation of the AP system has been completed and the process of evaluating its effectiveness is in progress.

The AP is a digital system which replaces the pass issued for entry to the Dr. Jules Sedney Terminal. It facilitates a fluent flow of the traffic within the port; improves security and safety and allows the port to deliver services more efficiently. It delivers all information about the truck and the driver and it minimizes the chance of errors.

Paramaribo,  Suriname


The second phase of the implementation of the AP is identification of all container movements.

The SPMC has been diligently working on all aspects of port development in order to deliver global standards of professionalism. The Access Permit system is a significant technological step. The company has also been working on workplace strategies to protect all employees and to build a safe working environment at the port. One such initiative is a Policy on Alcohol and Drugs in the Port, which is now being implemented. []