ARUBA: LED floodlights for Oranjestad

2015 February: The new container terminal of Astec in the port of Oranjestad, Aruba, will soon be illuminated by LED floodlights. The owners of the port and terminal have reportedly opted for the installation of an energy saving and flexible illumination system. Once the installation is completed, the new container terminal will be illuminated by 41 high-powered LED luminaires on 14 masts.
“The AAA-LUX AL90 luminaires that will be installed are typically used for illuminating large areas. They provide the highest quality illumination and require hardly any maintenance. That makes them perfect for illuminating large areas such as ports, train terminals, parking lots and airport aprons,” said Garry Parsonage of mast manufacturer, Abacus Lighting.

PORT AMSTERDAM RIETLANDEN: AAA-LUX claims to be first manufacturer to produce sufficient port illumination with LEDs from 45 metre height.

AAA-LUX was the first to achieve high quality illumination through LED and their luminaires have been used in various projects around the world, including ports projects,” he said.
The AAA-LUX luminaires and control system apparently fits perfectly into the ‘green’ policy of the Aruba Ports Authority, owners of the port in Oranjestad. It meets requirements for reduced energy consumption. And additional advantage is that they are controlled dynamically. They can be switched on or off both on-site as well as from the central control system. The luminaires can also be dimmed, which allows for additional energy savings, without affecting illumination uniformity and quality. As LED floodlights are on DC current, the illumination level can be reduced without any technical interference with the CCTV system that is installed to ensure maximum security at the terminal.
The installation in Aruba is set to be finished by September this year. []