JAMAICA Logistics Hub Planned Development

2015 February 1: The Jamaica Logistics Hub Initiative is in an advance state of preparation. As planned and projected, it will be the fourth (global logistics) node, joining Singapore, Dubai and Rotterdam. Given its location to major sea lanes, the hub is expected to make Jamaica significant in global shipping and logistics. The country is in cruising distance of markets of 800 million including North America and Brazil. And the hub will be able to receive post-panamax ships travelling from the Asia-Pacific region. Projects planned as part of the development include:

• Port of Kingston – dredging of Kingston Harbour and expansion of the Port of Kingston
• Cow Bay, St. Thomas – proposed deep water site for development of a commodity port.
• Jackson Bay – to be developed as a dry dock for ship repairs and maintenance
• Caymanas Economic Zone (CEZ) – a three-pronged investment opportunity consisting of an economic/ industrial zone, a technology park and a facility providing renewable energy to these ventures
• Vernam Field – located on 2,900 acres of land, envisioned as a cargo aerodrome, warehousing facility and industrial centre
• Jamaica Railway – an integral part of the planned hub, will facilitate movement of cargo to and from economic zones to key seaports and airport
• Norman Manley International Airport & Aerodromes – one of three international airports in Jamaica and a key transfer airport within the region. []