Berth 12 scheduled for major upgrade

The project will allow the main seaport in Guadeloupe to handle 6,900 teu container ships at full load under optimal operating conditions (instead of 80% as is now the case).

Construction, estimated to cost €42 million before tax, is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2022 and expected to be completed in 26 months.

The project includes extension of berth 12 by 120m (length) and 45m (width). This requires construction of two structures, to be built simultaneously: a retaining berm curtain which will maintain the existing median; and, the main part of the extension, the construction of the quay on piles.

Current development projects at the port, as laid out in its strategic plan for 2019 – 2023, are aimed at developing the efficiency and competitiveness of the Jarry port. The stated objectives of the plan include increasing reception capacities and improved performance in containership handling.

The environment impact assessment stage moved forward in August 2021 with the filing of the application for environmental authorization for the project. This phase includes a public inquiry which is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2022. Of special concern is protection of cetaceans and marine turtles and their habitats in the Guadeloupe archipelago.


Meanwhile, rehabilitation of the compromised water retention basin at Jarry is underway.

The operating decree for warehouses in Guadeloupe’s International Trade zone stipulates an on-site system for collecting and storing water to combat fires in the facility. Rain-water run-off from three buildings as well as surface water from land in the zone must enter a collection basin to facilitate treatment before discharge into the sea. The storage capacity stipulated was 2,100 cubic metres.

The open-air collection and storage basin at Jarry (dimensions 15m x 200m) was built in 2019. However, the liner which makes the basin impervious has since been damaged and its effectiveness compromised by animals, vegetation growth and ultra-violet rays.

In order to maintain its compliance with the requirements of the stipulated order (i.e. Installation classified for the protection of the environment) of the International Trade Zone, rehabilitation of the basin was set as a priority project by the port. The first contracts were notified in January 2021 for works start-up in May of this year.

The main components of this project relate to:

  • The durability of the structure (e. installation of a suitable waterproofing membrane, decompression stacks, anchoring of the membrane, etc.),
  • Repairs (to ensure that it works hydraulically)
  • Maintenance.  []