BVI expanding cruise facilities at Road Town

2017, June 1: Tortola Pier Park making a positive difference in 2014 the government of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) adopted plans developed by its port authority to upgrade and expand the port at Road Town. One year later, Tortola Pier Park was meeting the demands of growing cruise ship business.

The vision for development was to facilitate Road Town hosting more cruise passengers and, by so increase revenue inflows and strengthen the economy of the British Overseas Territory. The territory comprises four main islands and a number of small ones. Tortola is the largest of them all and is the site of the capital, Road Town.

The new development included plans to host larger class cruise vessels and to provide a seamless transfer of passengers from ship to shore. The cruise pier was lengthened to 1,312 feet and widened to 60 feet to accommodate a multi-million-dollar cruise, retail and event space built along the waterfront edge. Named Tortola Pier Park, this development is built on approximately five acres of land immediately adjacent to the cruise pier.

The development of Tortola Pier Park was timely.

It was important to upgrade the infrastructure of the port to meet the demands of the cruise industry and to seize the opportunity for growth and development. The time was right to build a pier to accommodate larger cruise ships and to develop a facility that would create new opportunities for the population.

Operational for just over a year, Tortola Pier Park now has 16 kiosks, one cabana, and 11 buildings. Seven of the buildings are two-storey structures; one has a third floor and the remaining four are single storey buildings.

Tortola Pier Park, the BVl’s new shopping facility designed to improve onshore experience of cruise passengers, visitors and locals. In the background: Salt Island (left of the ship); Dead man’s Chest (directly behind the ship); and, Peter Island (on the right).

The new development provides cruise passengers an improved visitor experience, with more leisure and shopping within walking distance. The total Road Town experience is spread across 64 businesses offering food and beverage options, retail shops, banking services, medical services, car and bike rentals as well as other ‘island activities’. There is also a Tourist Information facility.


Tortola Pier Park Ltd. determined that it was imperative to ensure the highest level of customer service was always delivered and that an exceptional guest experience should be its main focus. To this end, the operating company has trained Customer Service Ambassadors and Multilingual greeters on duty during vessel calls.

“Customer service at Tortola Pier Park is our most valuable asset and, as such, we ensure that every member of the team is trained and equipped to provide exceptional customer service. Regular training is provided quarterly for all customer-facing personnel throughout Tortola Pier Park. Training courses are designed for management and staff of Tortola Pier Park Ltd, security personnel, cleaners, ground staff, vendors and sales staff,” said Dona Regis, CEO of Tortola Pier Park Ltd.

“Customer service plays a very important part in the effective management and operation of any customer facing facility. When guests come to Tortola Pier Park, we want them to not only enjoy our tranquil and captivating facility but we also want them feel welcome and appreciated at every point of contact while at the facility.”

Since its opening on February 16, 2016, the BVl’s new cruise and shopping facility has been receiving “positive feedback” from visitors and residents. Its beautiful architecture, ambience, cleanliness, customer service and shopping options have been the main points for comment. []