Bridgetown new berth under construction

2018, February 1: Barbados is in the process of constructing an additional 300 metres of berthing capacity at its main port.

When the new Berth 6, is brought into service, it will have a depth alongside of 15 metres and a loading capacity of up to 55 tons/m2. Nine acres of reclaimed land will be asphalted to create a container storage zone adjacent to the new berth. With this completed, Barbados Port Inc. would have moved closer to achieving one of its main objectives of separating cruise ship activities from maritime cargo operations.

The Port had previously extended its quay wall to include Berth 5. This serves as accommodation for two mega cruise liners simultaneously along berths 2 and 3, as well as additional capacity to accommodate large cargo vessels. Equipment upgrades included the installation of a new Panamax Liebherr gantry crane, capable of lifting two 20’ containers simultaneously. This crane has a reach of about 37 metres. Other equipment included (five) electric drive straddle carriers and diesel-electric lift-trucks.

The Port has also moved to eliminate customer congestion when clearing personal effects. Using internet-based technology that allows customers to track the movement and processing of their cargo, Barbados Port Inc. has made significant progress streamlining the delivery of personal effects to customers. The system allows users to submit pertinent security information for access to the port prior to arrival. If cargo has not been processed, the system transmit an appropriate notification (via email or text message). This technology has allowed Barbados Port Inc. (BPI) to optimize the volume of customer traffic, as persons are only allowed onto its premises after the cargo has been electronically documented as ready for delivery.

This user-friendly portal to facilitate the delivery of personal effects was developed by BPI’s Management Information Systems (MIS) Department with the support of the Security Services and Terminal Operations Departments. The MIS Department services the operational needs of all departments which include maintaining Online Ship’s Identification Systems, optimizing Berthing Systems, providing network support for surveillance systems, financial reporting, training, and website management.


Training continues to be a top priority at the award-winning port. The competency based Port Worker Development Programme, implemented in 2000 was designed to ensure that all members of staff received expert training in their respective fields. Under this programme, over 100 employees, including Stevedoring Coordinators, Dockers, Equipment Operators and Cargo Supervisors received Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) and National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) training for certification in Stevedoring Operations; Supervisory Management; and, Occupational Safety and Health.

Several initiatives were implemented aimed at improving visitor experience and encouraging cruise passengers to excurse ashore. In this regard, the main entrance to the Port and the Police outpost were completely refurbished; a bus shelter was also constructed. The Main Gate project was completed five weeks ahead of schedule, thus allowing the Port to accommodate a record number of cruise passengers. The construction of the new bus shelter created dedicated taxi and tour lanes, thus improving traffic flow.

Bridgetown, December 2011

The Port logged 506 cruise calls in calendar year 2017. The record is 530 cruise calls. On December 29, Barbados Port Inc surpassed its record of 812, 863 for cruise passenger arrivals.

Total passenger arrivals for 2017 were 827,486, up 13.2% from 731,137 in 2016.[]


Barbados Port Inc. 2016 – 2017

  Reform/Modernization Initiative(s) Benefits of the Initiative

i.e. Improved Service Delivery/Increased Productivity

Energy Conservation Initiative
  •          Reduce electricity consumption
  •          Reduce cost
  •          Energy efficient
Competency Based Training Programme (CVQ &NVQ Certification)
  • ·         Certified to International and Occupational Standards
  • ·         Increased job performance
  • ·          Reduction in the number of accidents
  • ·         Improved operational planning and communication
  • ·         Enhanced safety awareness
  • ·         Improved monitoring of equipment (forklifts) via the introduction of an “Equipment Operator Performance Instrument”
Computerized Security Gate
  • ·         Captures all movement through gate recording (driver’s name/license, truck registration)
Automation of Systems (payroll, inventory, financial statements)
  • ·         More efficient processing for external audit
  • ·         Eliminate physical storage of record keeping
  • ·         Integrate financial transaction processes for more accurate reporting and better analysis
Computerized Customer Information Service
  • ·         Improvement of physical reception facilities at Shed 2 including:

1.       A screen where customers can view their position in the processing queue

2.       Computers where customers can input information on their cargo or track cargo

3.       Handhelds reduce delivery time for the storage and retrieval of cargo

  • ·         Improved productivity
Biometric Time & Attendance
  • ·         More accurate; less prone to fraud
  • ·         Faster report generation
Automation of Barrel Collection Fee & Mechanism
  • ·         Automatic cashier processing
  • ·         Faster customer turnaround
Construction of IT Disaster Relief Plan
  • ·         Robust business continuity
Use of Wireless Handhelds ·         Faster information flow from customer arrival to docker retrieval of cargo

·         Reduced turnaround time

Commissioning of Extended Berth 5, Equipment
  • ·         Improve cargo and cruise services
  • ·         Separate cargo handling from cruise
  • ·         Faster turnaround time
  • ·         Building our capacity in home porting cruise vessels
  • ·         Increase the capacity of berthing vessels
  • ·         Investment in equipment lowered maintenance cost
Utilization of Pallet Scanner (Shed 4)
  • ·         Increase our security vigilance
Installation of Load Cells on Cargo Handling Units
  • ·         To comply with SOLAS regulation for verified weights of containers
  • ·         Weights can be viewed in the cab of the Straddle Carrier
  • ·         Customers are provided electronic verified weight certificates via email and in real time as these containers enter the Port.
Computerized Queue Management Control & Analytics
  • ·         Customers wait while seated instead of standing in a line
  • ·         Reduced waiting time by 60%
Computerized Accessed Gate Control


  • ·         Allow monitoring and operation of gate without physical security officers present better deployed elsewhere
Port Side Fitness Centre
  • ·         Enhance employee wellness and morale
  • ·         Help reduce non-communicable diseases
Refurbishment of Wickham/Lewis Boardwalk
  • ·         Public safety and goodwill
Mural Project
  • ·         Soften the exterior building of the Port
  • ·         Represent the social, economic, and cultural development of Barbados
Refurbishment/Upgrade of Port Facility (Main Gate, Police Station, Signal Station)
  • ·         Provide better working conditions
  • ·         Provide more efficient services to the public
  • ·         Enhance the tourism product