US$100 million to upgrade Terminals 1 and 6

2017, November 1: A project US$100 million to upgrade Montego Bay’s cruise port’s Terminal 1 and 6 as the cruise port moves to re-position itself as a cruise ship destination.

William Tatham, vice president of cruise and marina operations at the Port Authority of Jamaica, revealed in an interview with Sean Dudley, published in Cruise and Ferry, (September 13, 2016) that the upgrade will include central air conditioning and emergency electrical generators; addition of a mezzanine floor to expand seating; installation of 20 check-in desks and expanded seating accommodation for 160; new lighting and new flooring; and a new shopping arcade with souvenir stores and restaurants.

About 40% of Montego Bay’s cargo terminal will reportedly be converted to cruise operations to form the new Terminal 2. This will create capacity for some 14,000 sq. ft. of additional space and two check-in desks. By next year the entire terminal is expected to be dedicated to cruise, with high-end shops, fine-dining restaurants and entertainment. []

Montego Bay, Jamaica