Moves to create a superyacht marina at Christophe Harbour

2017, November 1: There have been moves afoot to establish Christophe Harbour in St. Kitts and Nevis as a superyacht hub and further steps were taken towards this objective with the announcement this year of plans to establish a fuel farm. The capacity of the tank is 48,000 US gallons.

The facility will allow vessels of up to 85 metres length to conveniently refuel and at a cost of approximately ten cents less per US gallon than the local average.

Listed among the fuel farms facilities are high-end hydrant connection and nozzle dispensing options; a state-of-the-art leak detection system with remote monitoring technology; automatic in-tank water intrusion detection system; and, a unique online dual-filtration system at the pump manifold for diesel vessel deliveries.

Significant steps towards this national goal were taken with the development and opening in February 2015 of the Christophe Harbour marina. That US$100 million infrastructure development established St. Kitts and Nevis as a significant Caribbean superyacht home port. Since then, in two seasons, Christophe Harbour has seen a steady increases in the number superyachts arriving; the length of stay; and the size of craft using the marina.

Christophe Harbour now has 24 berths for superyachts but ultimate development plans propose 250 berths. []