2021, August 1: Notwithstanding a year and more of global dislocation and disruption, the port of Martinique is forging ahead with Strategic Plan 2020 – 2024.

In proactive mode to help keep the Martinique economy going, the port committed to four large projects that were not initially included in its 2020 budget. With a view to supporting the local construction sector, the port committed to support the construction sector by proceeding with projects at its three sites (Pointe des Grives, Radoub Basin and Hydrobase). Review of the major projects included in the Strategic Plan are completed and the port reported in June that action with respect to Energy Transition; adapting port capacity to accommodate very large vessels; and, the integration of the port into the city were already in play. In 2021, the Port of Martinique will be investing about 10 M€ in projects that directly support the economic development of Martinique. The Strategic Plan includes:

  • New nautical facilities for the cruise sector – 8 M€ (USD9.4M)
  • Cargo Shore Power Connection – 13,5 M€ (USD15.8M)
  • Purchase of a 4th crane – 13 M€ (USD15.3M)

Port activity was sustained without interruption through 2020. And, in the second half of the year, the port pushed ahead with its projects. Notwithstanding, the fallout from the pandemic could not be avoided, with passenger traffic and the oil sector most affected. Vessel calls were down 40% (from 1,897 in 2019) to 1,120 in 2020. And there was a 75% decrease of ferry calls; and a 40% decline in cruise calls. []