Floating dry dock arrives in Kingston

2023, Aug. 25: The core component in the development plans of German Ship Repair Jamaica Limited (GSRJ) arrived in Kingston Harbour yesterday. GSRJ, operators of the new Caribbean shipyard, took possession of its recently acquired floating dry dock, thus dramatically expanding the range of port services to be available in the Caribbean.

“DOCK V” on arrival was immediately taken to Harbour Head on the Eastern end of Kingston Harbour, where it is presently moored following its six-week journey from Bremerhaven to Jamaica. It is expected to go into service in January 2024 by which time it would have been re-named JAM-Dock 1.

The floating dock (beam of 35 metres and 215 metres stem-to-stern) has lifting capability of 20,000 tons and the capacity to service most of the commercial vessels that call on Jamaican and Caribbean ports. JAM-Dock 1 will fly the Jamaican flag after registration at the Maritime Authority of Jamaica.

GSRJ was established as a joint venture in 2016 and has been providing mobile ship repair services in the Port of Kingston since then. With the acquisition of this Panamax-size floating dry dock, GSRJ will be able to expand its services and, in the process, bring transformational change to the company. In this regard and to ensure the standards of the ship repair industry is fully met, the GSRJ management team has been recruiting skilled and experienced personnel from around the world. Immediate plans also include the recruitment and training of Jamaicans. The intention is to develop a cadre of capable local talent trained to international standards.


The development plans for the GSRJ Shipyard in Kingston, Jamaica were clearly designed to deliver a full slate of ship repair and maintenance services for Container Vessels, General Cargo Vessels, Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Special Craft, Navy and Coastguard Vessels and Tugs. The list includes:

    • Dry Docking and Berthing Service
    • Ship Repairs
    • Steel & Pipe Repairs
    • Engine Repairs & Overhaul
    • Pumps and Valve Repairs
    • Electrical Works
    • Hydraulic Works
    • Ship Maintenance Services including A/C systems, bilge and ballast systems, fire and safety systems, radar and electronic equipment.
    • Class Renewal of Vessels
    • Cleaning and Painting Works
    • Retrofits of certain new equipment

To this end, the documented projects plan includes, inter alia:

  • Establishment of a shipyard with required workshops, offices and infrastructure
  • Procurement of equipment for ship repair activities to include cranes, forklifts, ‘cherry pickers’, sandblasting and painting equipment.
  • Procurement of a Floating Dry Dock to lift up to 20,000 ton commercial ships and other vessels. []

* Photos courtesy of German Ship Repair Jamaica Limited (GSRJ)

* Photo credits: © Trevor A. Riley, 2023