Dunns River upgrade with theme park

2017, June 1: Recent upgrading of Jamaica’s Dunn’s River Falls attraction is expected to enhance the country’s tourism product. The new $122-million Central Gardens theme park at Dunn’s River is expected to attract increased numbers of cruise passengers to Jamaica’s north coast.

Dunn’s River visitors climbing the famous Jamaican landmark.

The country’s Urban Development Corporation officially opened the Central Gardens on March 23, with its state-of-the-art theme park, complete with a water slide and splash pad. Dunn’s River Falls currently attracts about 800,000 visitors annually but this is expected to increase with the added attraction of the Central Gardens.

Dunn’s River water slide

Meanwhile, the country’s Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett declared Jamaica intention to increase annual cruise passenger arrivals to 2.5 million over the next four years. The country received 1.66 million cruise passengers in 2016. In this regard, he said Jamaica was “committed to ensuring the guest experience is not just good; is not just excellent; but, exceptional.”

The Minister said steps had already been taken toward this end. He outlined the change from Resort Boards to Destination Assurance Councils and the appointment of Destination Managers (starting with the Falmouth cruise port) and the allocation of JADS 1 billion to provide a safe and enjoyable environment. This initiative will include a public education programme.

The Minister made his comments during a meeting with a visiting delegation from the Florida­Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) in April. []