Kingston Freeport Terminal Celebrates

2019, March 1: Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited (KFTL) celebrated its most productive day on January 24/25. The company reported completing 3,304 box moves – loading and unloading – in the 24 hour period. That is KFTL’s best performance ever.

Kingston, Jamaica – Mike Jarrett photo

KFTL took operational control of the Kingston Container Terminal in July 2016 under an agreement with the Port Authority of Jamaica.

The standard-setting performance in January last was recorded in working the postpanamax Cosco Beijing. In the process, 1,464 containers were unloaded and 1,840 reloaded. KFTL reported an average crane productivity of 36 moves per hour and average berth performance of 136 moves per hour.

In its current development plans for Jamaica’s main container port, KFTL has announced plans to upgrade and/or replace 15 building structures at the terminal. []